Our attorneys have expertise in chemical, electrical, mechanical, biotechnology, and software technologies. Our attorneys interface with inventors to understand their inventions and help them prepare and file patent applications and prosecute these applications through each area of the USPTO and patent offices around the world, thereby ensuring our clients receive maximum protection for their valuable intellectual property.


CSW has a substantial chemical practice and works with both U.S. and global companies that require IP counsel in all areas of chemistry, including catalysis, polymers, refining processes, aromatics production, pharmaceuticals, and nanotechnology.  Collectively our attorneys have a wealth of experience in preparing, prosecuting, and enforcing patents for our chemical industry clients.


CSW has experience in all aspects of electrical engineering including semiconductor fabrication processes, analog and digital systems, computer science, telephony, and more. We have extensive experience with the preparation and prosecution of patent applications in the electrical arts. We strategically guide our Clients through the complex patent process, from inventor interviews and patent application preparation through to filing and grant.


CSW attorneys have both industry and USPTO experience in many aspects of mechanical engineering including automotive, consumer goods, industrial applications, and more. We work closely with Clients to develop the best strategies to build strong patent portfolios and protect and enforce existing patents that increase competitive advantage. This includes extensive experience with the preparation and prosecution of patent applications in the mechanical arts, from inventor interviews and preparing patent applications to guide our Clients successfully through the entire patent process.


Developments in life sciences continue to advance at a rapid pace. CSW has a wealth of experience in intellectual property law in the fields of biotechnology and life sciences, as well as pharmaceuticals medical devices, and new cosmetic procedures.

Clients look to our attorneys for expert counsel on drafting and prosecuting patent applications, the patentability of inventions, freedom-to-operate (right to use), patent rights in foreign countries, and the infringement and validity of U.S. patents.